Splantzias Square Chania

This square is a magical neighborhood of Chania, full of old buildings of great interest. It has a special character, it is a hidden treasure of Chania and it is the right place for rest, for a coffee, or for a meal. 

In the center of Splantzia Square there is a large plane tree, which carries on its back the history of many years. In the shade of the plane tree there are taverns, ouzeries, cafes, kiosks, mini markets, antique shops, and various other shops that contribute to the square’s traffic.

On its Eastern side is the church of Saint Nikolaos, on the northwestern edge is the Venetian church of Saint Roccos, while under the plane tree there is a gallery/fountain that served as a shelter during the wars. On the side is the “Filoptocho Syssizio Splantzias Chania”.


Splantzia was the center of the city during the Turkish occupation, where the plane tree has been since then, and there was an octagonal Arab pavilion, where only the prominent beys and agadis sat to drink their coffee and talk.

During the Asia Minor disaster, Splantzia was one of the neighborhoods that opened its wings and hosted the refugees who left the shores of Asia Minor in a hurry and violently. These people, along with the local residents, worked very hard to improve and make their neighborhood even more sustainable.

In recent years, the square of Splantzia has been mostly renovated, as its residents have improved the traditional, listed and non-listed buildings, creating the cafes, restaurants, beautiful shops and residences that surround it.

Today, the square of Splantzia and its alleys, is one of the most authentic districts of Chania, ideal for walking and exploring, for relaxation, for coffee, for food, for drink, for rest, for respite. The sycamore tree, rich in foliage, creates a wonderful natural coolness and in its shade wonderful cafes, restaurants, mini markets and shops of very good quality and service have developed. It is only 200 meters from the old port, the carnagio and the renovated Center for Mediterranean Architecture.

The plane tree 

  The Plane tree of Splantzia, is rooted next to the Fountain, has a diameter greater than 1.5 meters, and has great historical value. On this plane tree, the Turks hanged the bishop of Kissamos, Melchizedek Despotakis, on May 19, 1921, to set an example for the people of Chania so that they would be afraid and not follow the rebellion of Greece against the Turks. (Greece was freed in 1821 from the yoke of the Turks, after 400 years of slavery). Melchizedek was stripped and dragged by his beard to the sycamore tree, and after he died, he was dragged by the Ottoman mob through the alleys of the city with the rope of disinterment. In honor of the deceased Melchizedek, the street that starts from Splantzia Square and ends at Sifaka Street, bears his name.

The  priest Kallinikos from Veria was also exhumed from this plane tree with approximately the same process by the Turks.

As a sign of honor and recognition, there is a plaque in their memory in the center of the square

Throughout the Turkish occupation, many other Greek Christians fighting for Cretan freedom were tortured, hanged, executed in this plane tree.

Saint Nikolaos phone +30 28210 52229

The church was built around 1320, during the Venetian occupation, as a catholicon of the Order of Dominican Monks, while during the Turkish occupation it was transformed into the central mosque of the city in honor of Sultan Ibrahim. The Turks built an impressive minaret with two balconies, and at the same time a barracks for the Turkish janissaries. They called it “Hugar Jamisi” meaning Mosque of the Ruler. Here was kept the sword of the Dervish who entered the city first, and was considered miraculous by the Turks. After the liberation of Crete from the Turks (1897), it functions as a church (1928) that combines the bell tower with its minaret. This combination of bell tower and minaret is the only one in Greece. The minaret of Saint Nikolaos has two circular balconies and that is why it is different from the other minarets of Chania.

The church of Saint Nikolaos carries out a very large charitable work for the area of Splantzia and in general for the entire city of Chania. The church also collects useful items and clothes which it distributes to the needy.

Saint Roccos

As for the Venetian church of Agios Roccos, today it is used to hold various photography and painting exhibitions. Saint Roccos was born in 1295 in Montpellier, France, from a noble family, he celebrates on August 16, and this church was built in 1630, after a plague epidemic, that is why Saint Roccos was the protector of Chania from the plague.

On the cornice of the church below is the inscription:


that means


When the Turks occupied the city of Chania, they used Saint Roccos as a military outpost, avoiding to destroy it probably out of fear of the Saint and the protection he provided from the plague. After the liberation of the city from the Turks, during the period of the Cretan State it was used as a gendarmerie station until 1925.

The Stoa / Fountain

In the square there is an underground arcade, which contains a large tank of capacity capable of meeting the needs of the city for 6 months. But, changing the flow of the river, the reservoir became useless. Today, going down 27 steps, one reaches an underground fountain, the dome of which was demolished in the 1950s, and occupied by political prisoners.

Under ground Stoa at Slpanzia

  All this was built by Venetians during the period of the Turkish occupation. Muslims went down to the fountain to wash their feet before entering the mosque, but also to get water. This fountain is an impressive monument and has sculptural decoration, while it communicated with the Venetian tanks on Daskalogianni Street. The fountain, dome and staircase have been preserved and restored making the monument accessible to visitors. According to Mr. Michalis Andrianakis Archaeologist, in addition to these maintenances, they protected and sanitized the plane tree in the square so that it was in full growth.

Philoptocho Syssitio Splantzias Chania phone 2821 040963

Opposite the Holy Church of Saint Nikolaos there is the Philoptocho Syssizio Splantzias Chania, on the North side of the square, where on a daily basis throughout the year over 300 meals are prepared for people who are homeless, needy, sick, lonely, and in general for those in need food and are unable to make or buy it. This effort began in 1963 and truly the offering of this activity is invaluable. http://sissitiasplantzia.blogspot.gr/

One of the important projects that have been done in almost all the churches of Chania in conjunction with the Municipality of Chania, is to organize a team that goes to the centers where weddings and baptisms take place, to take all the intact food left over and distribute it to those who they need them.

Sifaka Street

A quite interesting street in the west of the district is Sifaka Street which surrounds the Venetian walls of the old city of Chania. On Sifaka Street are the “knife shops”, that is, small shops that sell the well-known Traditional Cretan knives, which have excellent Cretan mandinades written on them, praising everyday life, love, romance. Usually visitors buy a knife from here as a souvenir of their visit to Chania, as a gift that reflects the tradition and culture of Chania.

Coffee shops

“Ride”, 52 Daskalogianni Street, Phone +30 2821058585

“Fix” Cafe, Splantzias Square 8, phone +30 2821052142

“Glymidakis” bakery and coffee shop, 14 Splantzias Square, Phone +30 2821054208

«Odos Oneiron» 14 Daskalogianni Cafe and Bistro Phone +30 2821055737

“Sketi Glyka” Eisodion  18 Telephone +30 2821 302801

“Kleidi” Coffee Bar 10 Splantzias Square, Phone +30 2821 056565

“Monogram” Daskalogianni 5, Phone +30 2821 507046


“Kouzina E.P.E.» Daskalogianni 25 Phone +30 2821 042391. In this restaurant you will find freshly cooked daily food of great variety, excellent quality and impeccable service. Characteristic of “Kοuzina E.P.E.” it’s the wide variety and prompt service. It also delivery food.

  “Platanos” Splantzias Square Phone +30 2821058930

“Familia Alatsata” 14 Splantzias Square Phone +30 2821304938

“To Maridaki” or “Psaromaigerio”  33 Daskalogianni  Telephone +30 2821 008880

  “Mikro Kelari”  80 Hatzimichali Daliani, Phone +30 2821055805. It always sources fresh products from small local producers and creates genuine Cretan recipes, an authentic Cretan hospitality experience.

   “The Turk’s well”  1 Sarpaki Street Telephone +30 2821054547

“O Kostas”  51 Daskalogianni  , Phone +30 2821050077

“Crepe Art”  11 Daskalogianni  , Phone +30 2821 043100

“Winery” 46  Hatzimichalis Daliani Phone +30 2821 059204

“Pork to Beef Wild”, 68 Daskalogianni   Phone +30 2821053777

“Ginger Concept” 36 Sarpaki, Phone +30 2821057590

“At Annas” 21 Hatzimichali Daliani, Phone +30 2821050844

“Orearte” 15 Hatzimichali Daliani, Phone +30 28210 20330

«Mediterranean»    32 Hatzimichali  Daliani, Phone +30 28210 57992

“Rakaki” 26 Hatzimichali Daliani, Phone +30 28210 45452

“Polytechneio”  38 Hatzimichali Daliani  

“Throubi sti ladokola”,  74-75 Hatzimichali Daliani   Phone + 30 2821028175

“Minares Mezedopoleion” 38 Hatzimichali Daliani, Phone +30 697 520 3056

  “LAGONON FRESH PASTA” 69 Daskalogianni , Phone +30 2821 114808

“Karnagio”  8 Katehaki , Phone +30 2821044345

Automatic Laundromats

Laundry Self Service Easy wash  8 Daskalogianni  phone +30 6985646052

Various Shops

  Various accessories Georgina Skalidi “Ma Chambre” 58 Hatzimichali Daliani  phone +30 28210501705

“Thelma and Louise” Clothing Store 4 Daskalogianni   Phone +30 2821600966

“Fashion Soul Chania” 24 Daskalogianni Street, Phone +30 2821058156

“Book Store” 52 Daskalogianni    Bookstore  

“Piazza33 Chania” Men’s Clothing Store, 26 Daskalogianni  , Phone +30 28210 054940

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