Anastasia Sartzetaki

About me

A warm welcome to Belle Homes!

My name is Anastasia Sartzetaki and I am your host.

To welcome visitors who come to get to know my place is for me a great responsibility but also a joy.

I like to take care of the guests and make them feel as if they are at home, give them various surprises, go together for coffee or food, or just a simple chat to get to know each other, with laughter and joy, if of course they want it too and feel comfortable with this. I love cleanliness and the beautiful subtle sense of freshness in the spaces I tend to, soft clothes, fluffy towels, and as a good hostess, I make sure that all these details are present in a guest's daily life.

I really enjoy brisk walking, swimming, exploring mountains and seas, traveling, music, reading, and more.


Any questions? Give me a call!

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