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Crete has sunshine for most of the year, except for some months of winter when it is cold . During the summer, it can get quite hot in all of Crete, especially during the midday hours.
Considering the crowded beaches during the summer months, the best time to visit Maleme are probably April to June and September to October.

The hotels are open from March to October, Belle Verte Villa is open from March to November
Tourist shops are open from March to October, except local supermarket SYNKA, which is open all year round. In the tourist areas the supermarkets are also open on Sundays during the summer.
There are many amazing places to explore in Crete ! One small village that could provide the perfect Cretan holiday is Maleme. This small village is located on the northwestern part of the island and it is 17 km west of the city of Chania. There is long stretch of excellent beaches, you can swim, relax, enjoy, play, eat.

City of Chania

The town of Chania is the capital of Chania Prefecture and features many amazing sights that are definitely worth a day trip.

The old historical buildings with Venetian architecture, the old graphical Venetian port with its promenade, the fascinating maritime and the archaeological museum , the Venetian sea walls and lighthouse and many other sights make Chania truly breathtaking, and interest to visit and explore them. You can also see the Catholic Church at Halidon Street and Trimartyris Orthodox church at the same street.
Trimartyris is the most famous church of the city and celebrates on November 21st, so all the shops are closed, except for the area around the church.
Chania is a wonderful picturesque city for shopping, entertainment and exploration, as there is an abundance of archaeological, classical and neoclassical elements in the buildings and churches. Also, the old town is fortified with the Venetian walls that have been preserved for the most part and are in excellent condition.


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about Maleme

The village of Maleme is a developing resort for holidays, with a wonderful beach (with free sun umbrellas, food and coffee service at the beach and many others ( as surfing, rent boats, mountain climbing, e.ct.) of services along the seaside, making it perfect if you wish to have everything within walking distance from Belle Verte Villa Maleme.

For nightlife, the nearby village  of Platanias is just 6,6 kilometers from Belle Verte Villa to the east and features everything you could want , and  it is also full of life and vitality, with a lot of resorts, restaurants, shops , bars, beauty saloon, diving centers and even nightlife. There is night life all the night at the summer.  

Many  people come to Maleme to swim and sunbathe, there are many interesting places to see and things to do in and around the village. Below you can find a complete guide with information about the village of Maleme and what you can see or do while visiting.

The very characteristic of Maleme is the long and wide beach, the very long sidewalks that allow walking, jogging, strolling comfortably and safely, even for small children.

Getting to Maleme by Car

You can easy get to Maleme by driving if you want rent a car. If you  arrive  at Heraklion airport  you need more than two hours to reach Maleme . The trip is pleasant along the northern coastal road.

If you arrive at Chania airport or port of Chania, you can get to Maleme in less than 30 minutes by car. There are plenty of tourist services in the village within walking distance, but if you want  to visit other beaches and destinations of Crete, you will  need a rental car.

Getting to Maleme by Bus

You can reach Maleme by bus, but if you come from Heraklion, you will have to change buses in Chania and it will take a long time. You need 2 and half hours from Heraklion to Chania and a half hour from Chania to Maleme. There are many buses from Chania to Maleme, especially during the summer when they run late into the evening.

 What you do in Maleme

If you are looking for a pleasant and quiet location   where you can basically walk on to the beach  and have everything within reach, then Maleme is the perfect place.

Although quite small , the village of Maleme has an enchanting beach and a more laidback atmosphere than other resorts along the North beaches of Chania . The beach of Maleme is exceptional  and wide, with many trees to use for shade, or to use sun umbrellas and sun beds on the beach. The most of beach is not organized , so you can use the sand to relax, to do events with your family   or enjoy the sun sunbathing.

 At the west end of the village of  Maleme there is  the military airport. You cant walk or swimm because the access is blocked but you can walk for miles to the east towards Chania, with a long strip of beach that ends into the city, 17 km away. It is a perfect exersice  for the body, the mursals and  for breath.

The beach of Maleme is also known for the sea turtles that spawn every  year. If you see 2 mats arranged along the beach to the sea, creating a corridor, is where the turtle eggs are located and the corridor will guide them to reach the beach without losing their way from the lights of the buildings.

On the hill of Maleme facing south-west, is the German cemetery, which dates back to World War II when 4,465 German soldiers were killed throughout Crete.

On the way to the German cemetery, there is the Vaulted Tomb of Maleme, an ancient site that impresses with its size, although it was already looted when it was discovered and subsequently damaged during wartime bombing. The whole village is surrounded by olive groves, avocado, vineyards and orange groves.


Beaches close to Belle Verte Villa

  • Maleme Beach : 400 m
  • Tavronitis Beach : 2.6 km
  • Rapaniana Beach : 2.8 km
  • Gerani Beach : 3.2 km
  • Platanias Beach : 4.5 km
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Sights Distance from Belle Verte City apartment

  • Mneimio Vassou : 6 km
  • Platanias Square : 6 km
  • Municipal Garden : 13 km
  • Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete : 15 km
  • Firkas Fortress : 16 km
  • Etz Hayyim Synagogue : 16 km
  • Municipal Art Gallery of Chania : 16 km
  • Archaeological Museum of Chania : 16 km
  • 1866 Square : 16 km